Photographer spends hundreds of thousands on massive 10MP image sensor

If you are a photographer that takes product shots for high-end magazines and advertising campaigns your equipment is on a completely different level that what most of us have access too. Take Mitchell Feinberg for instance this guy is a specialist in shooting photos of expensive wares from cars to watches and he takes his job seriously. Apparently, Feinberg was tired of shooting test shots with an instant 8×10 Polaroid camera to check exposure and focus.

Those shots were $15 each and with 7-8 test shots per product the dude was spending about $50,000 each year on the film alone for test shots. Instead of throwing his money away, he took a bunch of loot and commissioned himself a gigantic 10MP image sensor that he could use in place of that film. The sensor is called the Maxback and it shoots 8×10 photos.

The sensor is solely for test shots since the resolution isn’t enough for quality photos. Feinberg didn’t come clean on what the sensor cost him. Actually, it wasn’t a sensor he purchased, but a pair so he could have a backup. Feinberg said the cost of development and the two sensors was enough to buy a nice home before the housing crash. TechCrunch thinks the price is around $500,000.
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